Scandinavian Style

The Nordic style, also known as Scandinavian, originates from the architecture and design of Northern European countries: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The basis of Scandinavian design is functionality, simplicity and purity, using plenty of natural elements and materials and few pieces of furniture, but with plenty of design elements. It aims to transform any everyday

Tips to the Perfect Family Kitchen

1. Create plenty of space for cooking, eating or chatting. Families need time to talk and bond, and meal time is one of the best moments to do just that. 2. Bet on warm, hard-wearing and unfussy materials such as stone or Calacatta marble for the countertop or sink. Always go for materials that will

Absolute Black Granite

The Absolute Black Granite is one of the most coveted stones to use in finishes and details of the residence. Great for interior and exterior application, its deep black is functional, durable and beautiful. Absolute Black always brings elegance, sophistication and luxury to the decoration, appearing as a great choice for those looking for a

Black kitchens: how to do it right

For quite a while white kitchens were a major trend, they made everything light, bright and airy, giving a new life to the space. But with white going out of style, it’s time to try different things and explore new possibilities and black kitchens are getting a special kind of attention. So here’s a few