Hidden Kitchen Appliances

Over the past few years, designers passionate for the concept of minimal homes have been coming up with new ideas for simplified interiors and that’s when hidden kitchen appliances became a trend. To create a sense of continuity and harmony in environments, with aesthetically pleasing looks, innovative solutions were given, by removing handles, hiding range

2021 Trend: Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Due to the changes brought to us by 2020, keeping the house clean and sanitized has gained a new meaning: keeping your loved ones safe. And the place where we clean ourselves is no exception to that rule. Voted by designers as one of the best materials for baths, quartz is scratch and stain resistant

Kitchen Remodel Trends: Continued Material

Kitchens used to be a hidden room inside of a house, but that has changed over the last decade and interior design has taken over, creating swoon-worthy spaces that deserve to be in display. Inside of the well-known “open concept” trend, we often see floors that extend from living and dining areas into the kitchen,

What is Silestone?

Made of 94% natural quartz, Silestone is an industrial stone that possesses incredible features when it comes to durability and combines its surface strength with  the beauty and variety of colors, patterns and formats.  The stones receive a special treatment that enhances their resistance to daily mishaps and routine, such as liquid, stain, shock, acid